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Menu & Descriptions

What you need to know about Consultations:

In order to pull up your accurate Natal Chart, please provide your Date/ Time & Location where it says "Phone" when booking. 

- Consultations are 1 hour long and are recorded - the recording will be sent to your email a few minutes after our session ends. 

- Readings are done over a Zoom ( a link will be sent to you )

Natal Chart Consultations - $100

Natal Chart Consultations focus in on every individual personal planet in its position at the time you were born, and synthesizes into a digestible understanding of your Natal Chart. Bringing scope and awareness to not only the symbolic positioning of your planets, Natal Chart readings allow a space for a discussion about your life, because in essence, that’s what your Birth Chart is and often resonate at a very personal level. Natal Chart Consultations offer a deep perspective into your own life, and the purpose of offering this reading is to not only educate you on the specifics of your Natal Chart, however leave you inspired to see yourself in a way you might never have seen before.  

In the reading we go over:

  • Sun/ Moon/ Ascendant/ Ruler of Ascendant
  • All planetary positions (including Signs & House Placement)
  • Address critical placements and configurations
  • Assess most constructive/ healthy placements 
  • Provide a deeper understanding of yourself in order to harness and apply the best parts of yourself while addressing and giving advice on the parts of yourself that could use more attention

Current Conditions Consultation - $150

So life is doing it’s thing and you’re wondering, what the fuck is going on right now?! This is the reading for you. Within this reading, I look across the many ways astrologers can see how the planets affect you - whether it’s the current whatever retrograde, it’s your secondary progressed moon, your activated malefic of sect transiting your 8th, I pull out all the techniques to dive into the main questions, what’s going on right now? After discovering which planets are doing what, I dive into what options you have to gain the most out of the situation, and to grow from it. Whether it is some real life shit, or things are just going way too well and you want to know how lucky you are, astrology, and it’s many ways of explaining the process of personal development, offers exceptional and specific answers, dates and outcomes of events. The intention with this consultation is to give you a road map to guide yourself ahead, by explaining what has happened, is happening and will happen, and leave you feeling a lot more aware of what’s really going on.  

In this reading I use a mix of (depending on situation)

  • Current & Past Transits and aspects to Natal Placements
  • Secondary Progressed Transits
  • Time Lord Techniques (Annual Profections from ASC/ Sect Light, ZR)

Jupiter Consultation - 30 minutes $55

Jupiter Time!-

Are you looking for inspiration that’s literally tailored to the way you think, and given to you in a way that actually ignites something inside? This may be what you are looking for - These Consultations are focused mainly on where Jupiter is positioned in your chart; Jupiter is the Greater Benefic ruling essential postivity’s like: abundance, higher thought (philosophy, spirituality, religion) higher education, our beliefs, where we feel positive, and what fulfills the soul and spirit. If you watch my videos, you know i’m here to inspire you by giving your realistic tools, this reading embodies those two qualities to the fullest capacity and meaning. This consult is meant to educate you on how your personal Jupiter placement reflects, sometimes literally, in your life, and how you can embody more of the positive, uplifting energy that it is wanting to so badly create more of in your world.